Our Services

We support the full cycle of data analytics projects.


We build data models and interactive visualizations.
  • You need someone to build or support predictive models, machine learning algorithms, or recommendation engines
  • You are transitioning your analytics capabilities to the cloud
  • You have models but need support maintaining in production
  • You need feature engineering support
  • You need reports with trends and statistics, and maybe your data needs some organizing first
  • You need thoughtful dashboards that can be adapted on the go

Data Quality

Let us be your data janitor so you can focus on what's important.
  • You want to improve data intake processes to make sure your data meets quality standards
  • You need an automated way to enrich data or manage outliers
  • Data needs to be made consistent with other sources in your data ecosystem

Project Management

Short on day-to-day bandwidth? We can manage the project from A to Z.
  • Things are falling through the cracks and you need a capable partner to manage the details
  • Your project is fairly short-term but you need an interim project manager
  • You need a quality assurance process to validate deliverables

Data Governance

We help your organization flex to get more value out of your data.
  • You don’t actually know what data you have
  • Data is in silos and it’s hard to achieve value
  • You need tighter access rules and processes without slowing things down
  • Emphasis on data governance isn’t yet part of your organizational or cultural norms

Technical documentation

Trouble understanding each other?  We can help translate business needs and technical specs.
  • You need to translate concepts to technical or business specifications
  • Development is already underway but you want to maintain documentation in parallel
  • You have users that will need documentation to understand your product at a technical level


It’s hard to see it until you “see” it.  We can help refine the scope.
  • You want to iterate on specifications so they are mature before going into the development queue
  • You want to explore multiple solution options
  • You need to keep your development team focused on mission critical work while preparing for the next iteration

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