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PriceLinkis the only solution allowing users to access simplified healthcare price data in market reports and curated dashboards.  For the first time, healthcare organizations can extract powerful insights to inform strategic decision-making across markets. 







  • Identify opportunities to negotiate rates with payers
  • Analyze and compete with competitor prices
  • Build provider networks based on negotiated rates
  • Manage economics for risk-based strategies


  • Analyze, plan, and negotiate better rates for members
  • Identify plan cost drivers
  • Compare plan costs at re-enrollment

Accountable Care Organizations

  • Model shared savings arrangements
  • Design high-value provider networks

Third Party Administrators

  • Provide quantitative insights about plan costs
  • Redirect members to lower-cost providers
  • Integrate with claims data to analyze cost reduction opportunities

Unlock the most powerful Healthcare Price Data platform Available

What is PriceLink?

Unlike other price transparency solutions, PriceLink allows customized comparison out of the box and generates market reports and insights with a few clicks.

Our intuitive dashboard can be used by anyone in your organization to get both high-level market summaries and in-depth provider rates across payers.  

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Solutions for your organization

Our standard price data platform meet the needs of many organizations.  Customized and data-as-a-service options can support more complex use cases and integrations.  Plus, our team of data scientists and developers are standing by to support you.

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Trusted by Healthcare Leaders

  • Strategy and Growth officers
  • CFOs and teams
  • Employer health plan benefit managers 
  • Network managers 
  • Medical Director
  • Product Directors
  • Chief Data Officer, CIO, CTO
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Customers have told us that they tried to process the data, but it was just too large and too significant of an investment.

Data and Complexities

Due to the nature of the CMS mandate and payer reporting, the data is nearly impossible to digest.  PriceLink has unlocked this incredibly complex dataset which has long been obfuscated.  What makes the data so complicated?

  • Massive data sizes – petabytes in total
  • Complex formats that evade big-data processing tools
  • Inconsistency in reporting of modifiers, place of service codes, and other attributes that must be normalized
  • A confusing identification structure of tax IDs and NPIs that must be enriched and consolidated.
  • Providers reported in regions where they don’t practice
  • Rates reported for procedure codes that may not have been historically billed by a provider 

These issues are solved with PriceLink so you can focus on getting the most relevant data available.  We’ve done the data work so you don’t have to.

Health Plan Price Transparency Data is often confused with Hospital Price Transparency Data. However, Health Plan data is more comprehensive.

Hospital Price Data Health Plan Price Data
Published only by US hospitals (i.e. Mayo Clinic)
Published by US Health Insurance Plans (i.e. United Healthcare)
May hospitals did not publish rates due to manageable penalties
Health insurers largely complied due to more significant penalties for noncompliance
Includes limited billing codes, and does not include detailed rates by health plan
Includes substantially all billing codes and is highly detailed by provider and procedure
Includes only procedures typically billed by a hospital
Includes non-hospital services such as outpatient, imaging, and other professional and specialty services

Keywell Relevance Score

To clear noise in the rate data, Keywell has developed a proprietary Relevance Score to decipher negotiated rates by provider, geographic location, and other key parameters. Unlike others trying to navigate this complex dataset, Keywell has developed a user-friendly interface and dashboard that enables all users to generate powerful price transparency insights.

PriceLink Tiers

Our  solutions meet the needs of both small and large organizations with a breadth of solutions from our basic PriceLink software to fully-customized Data-as-a-service and white-label offerings.


Built for those needing immediate insights without dedicating technical resources
  • User-friendly Market Reports and Interactive Dashboard
  • Reports by CBSA and procedure code
  • Search for Providers
  • Customizable Provider Comparison Reports

PriceLink™ Plus

Built for those with more complex requirements and technical needs.
  • Custom codesets
  • Custom provider groups
  • Custom Geographic areas
  • Dedicated data science resources

PriceLink™ Enterprise

Enterprise solutions for custom needs and non-standard use cases
  • Custom product development and integration
  • Fractional team of data science and developer resources to support your initiatives
  • Integrate custom datasets

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We provide strategic data science and analytics services to help healthcare organizations improve outcomes and impact lives.

For more complex price transparency needs, our team of data scientists and developers are standing by to help you build solutions and get results.

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